When the bride surprises Grandma by wearing her wedding dress to the celebration, onlookers are impressed. Watch

The image, taken from the viral Instagram video, shows a newly-wed bride wearing her grandmother’s wedding gown at her reception. (Instagram/@lightcannonfilms)

One of the most significant and meaningful decisions a lady makes for her wedding day is selecting her wedding gown. Some brides choose to wear their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gowns, while others choose to purchase a new gown. This recentlywed done both. She wore a new dress for the wedding, but for a particularly special occasion, she changed into her grandmother’s wedding gown.

An Instagram user going by the handle @lightcannonfilms shared the footage. Laura honoured her grandma by changing into her wedding dress at the reception, according to the description on the touching video that was released on the wedding photos Facebook.

The text insert that introduces the video appears when the video first starts. Before the father-daughter dance, the bride snuck out of the celebration to change into her grandmother’s wedding attire, according to the statement. In the video, a bride is seen donning her grandmother’s wedding dress before entering the reception to surprise her. When the bride made this kind gesture, my grandmother’s eyes started to fill up with tears, and she proudly said, “That’s my gown,” to onlookers.