Why The Last Of Us on HBO Is Taking So Long (And Why It’s Good)

Here are several reasons why it’s fortunate that the release date for HBO’s adaptation of the well-known video game The Last of Us has been announced for 2023 rather than 2022 as previously reported. Since the initial game’s release in 2013, there have been continuing discussions about an adaptation. A TV programme based on the game series was given the go-ahead by HBO five months after The Last of Us Part II was released in 2020. This indicates that the show will have spent three years in development by the time it airs. The Last of Us’ most recent trailer has made viewers even more eager to watch the show, but the fact that it’s taking so long is actually a positive thing.

A post-apocalyptic action tale, The Last of Us, follows smuggler Joel and his adolescent ward, Ellie. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will portray Joel and Ellie in the series in place of Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who provided the characters’ original voices. The two have to survive in a world where a fungus is causing horrific cannibalistic beasts to emerge from its victims. The narrative, characters, and world-building in the video game The Last of Us received high accolades, making it an instant hit and multiple award winner. Naturally, there is a lot of hype surrounding the show adaption.

The Hollywood Reporter first said that The Last of Us would be released in 2022, however HBO later clarified that an early 2023 release should be anticipated. The lengthy shooting schedule was required for the series to accurately depict the planet. The Last of Us game will have certain differences, but the series appears to be making every attempt to mimic the well-known environment. The majority of the filming took place in Calgary, although many special effects were required to create sets that resembled post-apocalyptic Boston. The show’s 10 million dollar budget each episode and the extensive production period were both influenced by these impacts. Also,

The first season of The Last of Us will consist of 10 episodes, and it has been revealed that they will cover the events of the first game, which took place over the course of a year. Even though the overall plot timeframe has been adjusted, with The Last of Us TV series taking place in 2003 rather than 2013 as in the game, filming has to take place during the proper seasons, from spring to winter.

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