The reason why the song “Aqua” from the “Barbie Girl” movie was not utilised was because Ryan Gosling wasn’t up to the task.

Los Angeles: Pop band Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ was a novelty hit for the ages because to its high-pitched vocals, vibrant graphics, and corny lyrics. The upbeat euro-pop song first became popular in 1997 and is still going strong 25 years later.

More than 1.1 billion people have seen the video on YouTube, but the big question is whether Greta Gerwig’s next “Barbie” film will include the song.

According to “Variety,” the answer to that query is no.

Which isn’t shocking because Mattel sued Aqua in the 1990s and lost, but many people are nonetheless disappointed.

However, the Danish-Norwegian group is utterly perplexed.

According to Lene Nystrom, incorporating “Barbie Girl” in the film would be very obvious or, as she puts it, “cheese on cheese.”

The whole thing makes Soren Rasted laugh: “We ought to declare that we declined. Ryan Gosling is insufficient!”

However, they are anticipating the movie.

Nystrom continued, “I can see why they didn’t utilise it, but it’s going to get us a lot of attention, regardless of what.

Aqua is prepared. On September 23, the band published a special 25th anniversary version of their debut record, “Aquarium,” and they have plans to increase their touring.

Additionally, Aqua is completely at ease with their particular place in popular culture, unlike some artists who distance themselves from their background.

The Scandinavian hitmakers take great pride in their song “Barbie Girl” and are happy to offer a funny story about how high the song’s pitch is. Rasted notes, “You couldn’t perform autotune at that time.”

So you simply had to strike it. Which Nystrom didn’t take too kindly. She laughs, “I don’t know how many headsets I broke.

I was enraged for several months. It took the vocalist a while to realise it, but once she did, she said, “It made the whole tune wonderful.”

As much as critics have interpreted “Barbie Girllyrics “‘s throughout the years, Aqua just intended for the song to be catchy.

We felt the remark, “C’mon Barbie, let’s go party,” was fantastic, said Rasted.

We were motivated by the frequent news stories regarding cosmetic surgery at the time, but our main goal was to create a lighthearted song. We didn’t give it a lot of thought. the catch

“Overnight, the entire globe burst.” Rasted recalls the song’s American debut. The phones at Z100 in New York lighted up when our label delivered it there,
Even though they relished the high of international renown, there was a drawback. When asked about the anti-feminist criticisms levelled at the song, Nystrom replies, “We weren’t prepared for all the bad reactions.” Reading all of that was a little difficult to take in, but you know in your heart what your objectives were.

She also well recalls the Mattel case against the band, which was ultimately dropped. You always had to be careful what you said because occasionally our comments were misinterpreted.

Aqua is extremely open about their short time at the top, but

It demonstrated that we were not one-hit wonders, which was a popular theme at the time. He frequently disregards the description, though. You sound quite strange when you attempt to claim, “No, I’m not a one-hit wonder.”

What was their formula for success? Dif attributes it to the songs’ duet format, in which he and Nystrom alternate lines, and the memorable visuals, which were shown on “Aquascope.” Rasted argues that they were “bigger than life” due to their catchy tunes and unforgettable music videos.

An album just isn’t a priority for the group, according to Rasted.

Live performances are our primary focus, he claims. The “icing on the cake” would be releasing an occasional track.

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