Norman Reedus reveals, “I feared I was going to die,” following an injury he sustained while filming The Walking Dead.

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When it comes to catastrophic injuries, Norman Reedus is an expert. In a car provided by none other than Michael Stipe, the actor left an R.E.M. concert at the Berlin Film Festival in 2005 when, according to Reedus’ account to EW in 2013, “an 18-wheeler ploughed straight through us.” “I fell asleep out the window and onto the street. This large German woman was cleaning glass from my face when I awoke upside down.
Reedus underwent a number of procedures, including the installation of a new titanium left eye socket and four screws in his nose, which left him feeling as though “my whole head was like hamburger.” Just gnarly would do. I believed, “I’ll never be an actor again.” This is finished.
Of course, his career was just beginning, and after four months of rest, the actor was allowed to resume acting in front of the camera, eventually rising to stardom on The Walking Dead.

Norman Reedus stars as Daryl Dixon in ‘The Walking Dead’ final season
| CREDIT: JACE DOWNS/AMCNorman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Reedus, unfortunately, has not survived unscathed. The actor who portrays Daryl Dixon has been in more than his fair share of scrapes on set, including falling off a motorcycle and having his hand bandaged after cutting it on a prop vending machine, according to this reporter alone. His most recent fright happened as they were filming the final episode of The Walking Dead.

Reedus received a concussion on March 11 while filming the finale on location. Due to the injuries, filming was delayed by a few days, and some situations in which Daryl would not be seen on camera were replaced by stand-in doubles. Following the incident, Reedus’ representative released a statement that said, “Norman suffered a concussion on set.” “He is healing nicely and will shortly start working again. I appreciate everyone’s kind comments.”Although the injuries was not first portrayed as being particularly bad, Reedus now says it was much worse than first thought while speaking to EW for our upcoming Walking Dead Fall TV Preview cover story. Oh my god, that was awful,” the actor exclaims. “For me personally, the entire experience was horrifying. I believed I was going to pass away.”This most recent head injury was particularly severe, even in comparison to Reedus’ near-death experience in Berlin. “It was a grave matter. It spooked me. I’ve taken a million blows to the head and face. I’ve broken car windows before, but that one really caught my attention.”

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