Jennifer Lawrence, an Oscar winner and one of Hollywood’s greatest superstars, claims that because of her vagina, she would “never be paid as much as males.”

Jennifer Lawrence, photographed by Vanity Fair on August 5, 2021, in Los Angeles. Sweater by Tom Ford; bikini bottom by Ookioh; cuffs by Belperron.PHOTOGRAPHS BY LACHLAN BAILEY; STYLED BY GEORGE CORTINA.

In the entertainment sector, the pay gap has long been a contentious issue, but nowhere more so than in Hollywood, where it first emerged and is now raging like wildfire. Many prominent A-listers in the film industry, both men and women, have addressed the Hollywood pay gap issue; the most recent to do so is Oscar winner and one of the greatest stars in the business, Jennifer Lawrence. The actress not only makes some stunning claims about the gender wage disparity in Hollywood, but she also shares some difficult memories related to her two miscarriages that were previously unknown to the public.

Jennifer Lawrence recently spoke candidly about the obvious gender pay disparity in Hollywood with Hollywood news magazine Vogue. She emphasised that no matter what she accomplishes or how much she succeeds, she will “never get paid as much as many of many of the boys” because she has a “vagina.” Fortunately, Jennifer acknowledged that the issue extends to other fields as well, highlighting the pervasive sexism and misogyny in American politics.

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